Welcome to Westwood Photography.

I am based in the hills near Perth in Western Australia, where I live with my family. Because of my location, most of the photography on this website is Western Australian, though I take the opportunity to photograph other areas of Australia as travel allows.

My hobbies include bushwalking, camping and cycling. I guess it's the early morning exploration of the countryside that has led me to develop a love of both photography and the wonders of the unique Australian landscape.

When I first took up photography seriously, I realised that I was experimenting a lot with new techniques and approaches. Over the years I have realised that the experimentation process never ends, as I have become aware that I am constantly striving to push the boundaries of my own perception and personal development. The Creative gallery exhibits some of my efforts in this area. Other galleries reflect locations that I love to explore, including Beaches, Forests and Rural themes.

One element of the Australian Landscape that I believe is all too easy to take for granted are our fantastic Australian wildflowers. I hope that the photographs in the Wildflowers and Botanical gallery raises the appreciation of the Australian flora's wonderful colours and unique form.

I am lucky enough to live in the location I love: the woodlands of Western Australia- hence the name "Westwood Photography".

If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,
Richard Tonkin